21 February 2014

Spotlight On ... Mica Peet

                               This week we talk to Mica Peet 


What inspires your work?
My design philosophy is hugely inspired by juxtaposing my love of the beautiful natural world with an edgier, modern and idiosyncratic design aesthetic.

Does your environment influence you?
Everything I create is influenced by what I truly love, and I constantly surround myself with these inspirational sources, be it the lovely illustrations & photographs on my studio walls or my shelves crammed full of quirky objects I have collected over the years. 

Do you think a messy studio is a creative one or is your studio very organized?
I am mixture of both, I am such a perfectionist when it comes to my design work, but I am the messiest person ever. My studio is full of my inspirational and creative sources and I find it impossible to work neatly, but I feel this is what brings out my true creativity.
Though I do think its good to have a balance of both especially when it comes to the business side 
What are the benefits/disadvantages of being a designer/maker?
I absolutely love what I do, being able to create & draw every day is such an amazing privilege and I feel so lucky. I dream of the day when my small business can be my full time job. However it can be very hard to run your own business, I have had to learn to be very disciplined with planning my time and staying organized. It is also very hard to switch your mind off from work, as a small business owner it take’s over your entire life, I am constantly thinking about new designs & ways to move the business forward.
But I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Is being an ethical brand something you feel passionate about?
I am huge believer in supporting small businesses like my own, I work with a local laser cutting business to create all my jewellery and I also use independent printers for all of my illustrations.
I am also hugely passionate about the natural world, I am a supporter of various wildlife charities like the RSPB & PETA and am hoping to work with these charities to raise money with my illustrations & designs for a cause that is a true inspirational source to me.

Describe your products and what makes them unique? 
My products & designs consist of really detailed and abstract imagery that is full of energy yet that is confined and controlled into a literal shape inspired by animals. I Think what makes my products so unique, is that I design everything aspect from start to finish. From the silhouette of the brooches to the prints on the surface of my jewellery which are designed using my original illustrations making them truly one of a kind.

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