14 March 2014

Spotlight on .... Bird in The Hand

              This week we talk to sam from Bird in The Hand 

Where did your artist name come from?

Bird In The Hand just seemed appropriate to the subject matter and slightly humorous. Plus it's the name of a quaint pub that I see almost daily so it must have subconsciously slipped into mind!

Handmade framed Goldfinch print | Objets de Désir

How did you get into it?

I've always enjoyed drawing from a young age. I did a couple of years of Art School but decided drawing was more of a hobby so changed courses. After not drawing for a while I wanted to re discover my talent so started drawing birds. They seemed like the obvious thing to draw at the time as I see most of the birds I draw during my daily commute to Bath on the cycle path. I started selling my work at the Harbourside Market in Bristol and have moved from there into local pop up shops. (Mostly because it was freezing!)

Handmade Framed Jay Print, Bird in The Hand | Objets de Désir

Describe your products and what makes them unique?

I draw intricate and detailed birds using watercolour pencils, Biro's and anything else I can find in my pencil case. I try to capture the character of the birds and present them on a plain background so they are the main focus. 

Handmade Framed Kingfisher, Bird in The Hand | Objets de Désir

What is your biggest achievement so far?

In terms of my art it has been great from going to drawing in my spare time to selling it to the public. But I think my biggest achievement is the individual commissions I've worked on. It's a great feeling when someone likes something you do so much they're prepared to pay a lot of money for it. It always takes me by surprise. 

Do you have a favourite piece out of your work?

For some reason I like my drawing of a common Pigeon. I'm usually very critical of things I've produced after looking at them for too long but I always enjoy the Pigeon. People are often negative about pigeons but I think they are rather beautiful and misunderstood. I think I drew one because I felt like someone had to fight their corner. I don't think it's my best work but it never fails to make me smile. 

What do you think the future of digital/traditional art looks like?

I'm not sure where I think the future of art is going but the ease of access to amazing programs like photoshop can only open up some fascinating possibilities. I don't really consider my work very cutting edge but one day I'd like to put my drawings into the computer and play around with them. Who knows, maybe I'm the future of digital/traditional art? 


12 March 2014

Wishlist Wednesday

This week Penny from Lillies and Love tells us what is on her Objets De Désir wish list! 

I've picked my top five items from the website to share with you today

I love everything about this.  Look at the fox.  Look at his little face.  LOOK AT IT!  Cute!

Arum Lilies are my favourite type of flower (hence the first part of my blog name!) so I couldn't scroll past this shade - it's beautiful!  I think I'd have it in the corner of a living room making a cosy corner perfect for snuggling up in with a book.

My Dad's nickname for me is 'Penny Penguin' so every time I see anything penguin-related it makes me think of him!

I love animal print and I love triangular earrings at the moment for some reason so these tick all my earring-related boxes!

A necklace with a cat on it.  I need this in my life!

I love how quirky and unique all these pieces are; I've not seen them anywhere else and it's very easy to see repeated products online when you browse as much as I do!  There's so many items I've not featured here, you definitely have to nip over to their website and have a look for yourself - there are a few things I spotted and immediately thought of people they'll be a great present for, so I know I'll be returning to make some gift purchases in the future!

What do you think of the Objets De Desir range?  And HOW amazing is the cat necklace?!

LilliesandLove xx


7 March 2014

Spotlight on ..... Iris London

                          This week we talk to Ellie Simpson Grey from Iris London 

How long have you been doing this? 

Iris launched in 2012, so about 2 years.

How did you get into it? 

After university I interned for a year in PR and advertising agencies. I felt like a fraud doing something I didn't love or wasn't particularly good at it. My passion had always been fashion and design but it took me a while to pluck up the courage to try and make my living from it.

What inspires your work? 

A lot of my design influences come from the women around me. I draw on previous decades for shape and form and 70s photography for colour palettes. I live in London, so people watching is always good for inspiration.
Handmade, beautiful, unique lingerie | Objets de Désir
Harlow Bralet £45

Who do you see owning your work? 

Women who appreciate beautiful things. Iris lingerie is for women who are fashion conscious but consider elegance and wearability to be really important. Our garments are hand made so they suit a woman who looks for quality and clothing that is made to a high standard.

Do you feel more brands could be more ethical? 

Yes of course, but ultimately consumers have the power to dictate how far brands take it. Not everyone looks for ethical/stainable credentials, and garments should always be design-led. Having said that high street brands generate hundreds of millions in net profit each year - it's a shame certain ones don't do more to protect workers in their supply chain.

Is being an ethical brand something you feel passionate about? 

Yes. I love fashion but there's parts of it that I hate and make me feel ashamed by association - fur farms, and child labour seem extreme but are more common than people realise. Even though I run a start-up label I feel a responsibility to create the most ethical business model I can.

Handmade, beautiful, unique lingerie | Objets de Désir
Iris set: Bra £65 Knickers £25

Describe your products and what makes them unique? 

Iris garments can be described as modern classics.  The collections incorporate flattering, feminine shapes with elegant colour combinations and wearable silk, mesh and lace fabric combinations.  The craftsmanship and close attention to detail in Iris lingerie creates a structural wearability, providing a brand that can be worn everyday and yet treasured forever. 

Handmade, beautiful, unique lingerie | Objets de Désir
Ava set: Bra £75 Thong £25

Do you have any advice for aspiring designers? 

Follow your heart but be prepared for a lot of hard work. Weigh up the pros and cons of working for an established brand (financial security vs limited creativity) compared to going it alone (job satisfaction vs immense responsibility). Get as much experience as you can and remember the power positive thinking will get you a long way.


5 March 2014

Wishlist Wednesday

This week Jessica Thornton from Lilypod and Sweet Pea tells us what is on her Objets De Désir wish list! 

                                  The Shopper £115 by Amy George

This bag is so pretty yet practical. Having a baby on the way, and with me being female, I know that I’ll have lots to carry around. This will be a fab stylish accessory / changing bag combo! I love it in the berry colour, the 3 different hides makes it really unique!

                                       handmade, handcrafted, designer bag | Objets de Désir

                 Blue-Green Butterfly Hair Comb £15 by Red Bird Makes

I’m loving the vintage look lately and with Spring on the horizon I’m trying to incorporate lots of bright colours into my look! The turquoise in this is stunning and would be a fab addition to any outfit!

                                       handmade, designer hair accessories | Objets de Désir

                              Rita Pastel Bra £75 by Iris London
This is so delicate and lovely. The perfect combination of sexy and sophisticated! Being 31 weeks pregnant I’m not likely to look too fab in this but as this is my wish list I’m going to put it in anyway! Give me a few months, a personal trainer and a lot of motivation and I’ll be set!

                         handmade, designer lingerie | Objets de Désir

                         Handmade designer lingerie | Objets de Désir

                    Vermeil Orbit Stacking Rings £48 by Nikki Stark
I have quite small hands so I can’t really wear anything too chunky ring-wise. This delicate ring is perfect and I love the stacking concept, it makes for great mixing and matching!

                               Handmade, designer jewellery | Objets de Désir

                    Complimentary Coasters £14 by Duck Ceramics
I love filling my home with unique and lovely pieces. These complimentary coasters make me smile and the fact that they are all wonky and individual fits perfectly with my home full of crafts and DIY attempts!

                             Handmade, handcrafted designer homeware | Objets de Désir

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