26 February 2014

Wish List Wednesday

   This weeks wishlist has been chosen by Sheri from Flower and Freckles 

I love this vest top - branded, logo tees are going to be really big this year! There are so many ways you could wear this, dressed up or down, love it!

Handmade designer Tshirt - Wolfe Academy | Objets de Désir

I think using hats for light shades is possibly one of the best ideas I've ever come across, these look amazing! They'd fit perfectly over my kitchen table.

Handmade hat lights - Mr J Designs | Objets de Désir

I'm a huge cushion fan, I make them myself, but I'm always so jealous of artists and illustrators who can make beautiful fabric designs like this! I have a window seat that's crying out for a new cushion and this would look so perfect.

Handmade designer cushion | Objets de Désir

I'm definitely a ring girl above any other jewellery and I only ever really wear silver, this is so beautiful and understated. I love the rustic look of it and I have a similar ring it'd stack perfectly with!

Handmade designer ring - A sterlingidea | Objets de Désir

I'm trying to build an art wall, full of prints and originals of my favourites! I LOVE the idea of star sign illustrations, I'm not too big into Horoscopes or anything but I do like being able to say I'm a Virgo. Deborah Ballinger is clearly so so talented, this print is beautiful. 

Handmade horoscope drawing - Vigo | Objets de Désir

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