6 September 2013

Spotlight On...Duck Ceramics

This week we talk to the lovely Duck Ceramics! 

What is that makes you work with clay?
I have only been using clay a short while in my creative career as I did a degree in fine art where I specialized in video pieces but you can’t mold a computer screen or feel it. When you work with clay you get more of a hands on relationship with your pieces; It’s very physical, which I love!

How long have you been doing this?
I have only been working with ceramics for about 9 months and have been mostly self-taught, with the odd pottery class here or there to perfect my techniques. 

When did you decide you wanted to create for a living ?
From as early as I can remember I’ve wanted to create, I have never had much interest in words or numbers but creating something new and un discovered has always been magical to me. 

Where did your artist name come from?
Well, duck is my surname so I’m just keeping it in the family. If you're blessed with such a good name it would be all kinds of wrong not to use it.

How did you get into creating?
I think I just realized that my brain wasn’t really designed for anything else, I’m a thinker and a creator and that’s what I’m good at so I just keep on following on and it seems to get me to the places I want to be.

What are the benefits/disadvantages of the being a designer/ maker?
I get to wake up everyday and waltz into my studio to create objects that make people happy, and if I’m ever short of a plate that’s not a problem. The only disadvantage is that I don’t have a lot of money but doing something that I love every day more than makes up for that.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?
The best piece of advice I have for aspiring artists is to just get out there, and do it, anywhere! Do your thing and let people see it, give any idea that comes into your head a physical presence. 

What do you think of Duck Ceramics? Is there any artists off the site you would like to see us interview? 

Objets De Désir xoxo 

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