16 August 2013

Spotlight On...Little Birdy Crafts

This weeks spotlight is on Little Birdy Crafts who creates pretty pendants, illustrated vintage ceramics and animal inspired brooches. 
The brooches are particularly quirky, a fox with a riding helmet a badger in a party had and even a goose in a beret! 

What inspires your work? 
"Birds, Animals, nature, colours and patterns, fairy tales and old interesting things to name a few. I work in lots of different mediums- illustration, textiles, porcelain among others and can often be inspired by something I've seen to do an illustration, only to later find it works better in textiles."

When did you decide you wanted to create for a living?
"Pretty much from the moment I hatched."

Where would you like to see your work in the future?
"In the homes and upon the apparel of people who get pleasure and inspiration from my work and  one day in the window of Libertys London."
Click through to go to the site. 

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced? 
"Getting to grips with technology and social media. As a small cloth bird my wiry claws and small stuffing brain are not naturally adept when it comes to computers and social media but I've slowly got the hang of it. I must admit I'd rather spend my time drawing or sewing but the opportunities that have come my way have been amazing The utilising of these online tools has been well worth all the frustration in the long run."

What are the benefits/disadvantages of being a designer/maker?
"The benefits of being a maker are all the time spent being creative and experimenting and meeting lots of lovely customers and other crafters and designers. The downside is my inability to switch off, I even wake up with ideas and  keep a pen and paper next to my bed to jot them down but I love what I do!"

Do you have any advice for aspiring designers?
 "If a small cloth bird with no technical skills can do it ,so can you. Start out small, take good photos of your products and get tweeting and blogging. Approach craft and gift shop owners and get your crafts seen on the craft /art market circuit. Be patient and dont expect to earn  an enormous amount in the first two years, it's wise to invest back into your business. Most importantly have fun and enjoy what you do!"

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