19 July 2013

Spotlight On...Frubean Art

It's Friday! It's also our first "Spotlight On..." post where we have a little Q&A with one of the lovely designers/artists from the site. 

So to get the ball rolling we asked Farah Morley a.k.a Frubean Art a couple of questions so you can get to know her and her work a little better. 

All the above pieces are available HERE

Farah is an artist, illustrator and author and the use of enchanting storytelling is very present in the beautiful paper cut and paper sculpture pieces on the Objets De Désir site. 

The lovely Farah Morley (Frubean Art)

 How did you come up with the psuedonym "Frubean Art"? 

My lovely husband refers to me as Frubean, a cross between the BFG
calling everyone humanbeans and the Viking word for maiden. Make of that
what you will. It's a name that brings a smile to my face."
What is it that draws you to working with paper over any other medium? 
"I love the link that paper has with writing as well as the tactile
versatility it provides for my style of work. This time without the pen
the paper can create its own words and without a brush it can paint its
own images. It's a symbol of the humble beating elevated and standing on
its own."

 Do you find stories within your work or gather inspiration from stories for your pieces?

"Being a writer and storyteller I find that no matter how well known a
tale is it still belongs to the individual that delves into it. So the
stories are universal yet very personal too. Hope that those who see the
pictures I try to create in the domes will recognise in them a pleasant
memory or a metaphor that pertains to them."

Which is your favourite piece that you have up on the Objets De Désir site and why? 

"That's almost like asking me which one of my kids is my favourite. Each
has its virtues. I have a soft spot for ruby slippers though."

Where do you see your art work or would like to see it in the future? 

"I would really like to see my work anywhere that it makes people happy or
creates a chance for someone to tell a story. I especially like making
domes for private clients because the piece is based on a memory or a
beloved book and therefore carries great meaning for them. Failing that
the Tate will do!"

Wow I really love the answers that Farah gave and I adore her work too, I think it's a really refreshing and beautiful way to see stories and totally agree that tales belong to the people who are reading them. 
Which is your favourite Frubean Art piece? Who would you like us to interview for the next "Spotlight On..." post?  Leave a comment or maybe even tweet to tell us!

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