17 July 2013

Wishlist Wednesday!

Hello! Here at Objets De Désir we decided to jump on the wish list bandwagon. Every wednesday we will have a guest choose their five favourite items from the site and talk about them! 

To kick it off I, Pandora of Petit Dora and blogger for Objets De Désir will be showing you my five favourite items of the moment! 
I've got a little homeware theme going on here due to just moving house, there's also a bit of an animal theme as I just love nature and having little cute animals on everything I own! 

Click numbers to be taken to the item on the site. 
1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Up first on my list is these absolutely darling papercut moths by Frubean Art. (pssst on Friday this may well be who our Spotlight Post is on!) I love how the moths look as a collection, so intricately done as well! 
Next, another creature with wings is this adorable handmade owl by From Little Seeds, these are all so so so cute and would be a perfect little buddy on your dresser or desk!

This "Life Aquatic" mug by Alice Shields is beautiful, sea creatures are so magical and are portrayed wonderfully here on this mug! I also have a little mug collecting obsession and I definitely want this one next...
My last two items are both foxy, these cute kitchen jars by Hollie Maltby are the perfect quirky item to brighten up a kitchen and keep your sugar/biscuits in. After popping that foxy number onto my wishlist and then finding this amazing cushion by Gunna Ydri I couldn't resist having it as the finale to my animal/homeware themed wish list and I don't think I'm going to be able to resist popping it in my shopping cart so it can soon grace the sofa in my living room! 
It was actually a really difficult task picking just five items for this list as the site has an abundance of cute original items that I want in my home! 

So what do you think of my choices? What are your favourite pieces from the site? If you'd like a chance to host our Wishlist Wednesday one week get on over to the Objets De Désir Facebook or Twitter page and let us know! 

Objets De Désir xoxo

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