13 November 2013

Wishlist Wednesday!

This weeks wish list is chosen by Sammy of The Cookie Button!

"I cannot get over how much of a good idea these lights are! I just love the look of bowler hats floating around the ceiling, quite eerie but genius all at the same time!"

"I am currently going through the process of learning how to felt and I know for a fact that this technique is a tricky one. Not only do I love the design but I very much appreciate the time and effort gone into making this beauty. Job well done!"

"This cup is just gorgeous. I love the dainty little handle complete with the delicate illustration on the side. Perfect."

"Machine embroidery has always been very fond to my heart. I love the rough look of the threads and how they hang freely off the canvas. "

"The screen printing on this cushion is very memorizing and beautiful. I just cannot stop looking at it! Paired with the purple pom poms, this cushion is something I would love to have on my sofa. Yes please!"

What do you think of Sammy's picks? Let us know! Is there anything up there making it onto your wish list now? 

Don't forget that you can come and peruse all these items and so so much more at our pop up shop in Cabot Circus! Open every day until Christmas Eve make sure to come by, you never know you might find the perfect gift for someone...

Objets De Désir xoxo

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