11 October 2013

Spotlight On...Suzanne King

This week we speak to new artist on the site, Suzanne King. Suzanne hand makes gorgeous pottery homeward, which you can find on the site here

When did you decide you wanted to create for a living?
I have always painted and loved everything creative, there has never been a time that I haven't wanted creating to part of my life. I am happiest when I am potting for half the week and then spending the other half with people! I work as an outreach worker to the homeless and even teach them pottery! My big dream is to sell loads of pots but also provide a place for those who have never been given the chance to be creative to use potting as a creative outlet and confidence builder.

How did you get into it?
My father is very creative and took me to adult painting classes when I was little with him! I have always painted and first did a degree in fine art before I found pottery on an exchange in America for 6mth when I was 20yrs old. I loved the process of learning pottery and the excitement of opening the kiln to find out what had happened. When I left college I set up my own pottery business when I was 23yrs old and haven't looked back since!

What is your biggest achievement so far?
I completed an MA in ceramics at Bath Spa University in 2004 which was great but the most interesting time I have had was the great fortune to work at Aldermaston Pottery near Reading for 3mths. Alan Cager Smith founded the pottery in the 70's and it was a working studio pottery for decades, I stayed there for 3mths and got learn about how things were done and make loads and loads of pots in the style of the studio, it was a lovely summer and such a special place to learn about the ethos of potting and how it weaves in with life. 

Where would you like to see your work in the future?
In peoples homes being loved and used and part of the history of every family.

What inspires your work?
A mixture of things, best to see this video that was made about my recent work in the pottery!

What do you think of Suzanne's work? Are there any artists on the site you have a question for? Let us know! 

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Objets De Désir xoxo 

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