27 September 2013

Spotlight On...From Little Seeds

This week we talk to the lovely From Little Seeds, creator of some really very lovely owl themed designs! 

Where did the name From Little Seeds stem from? 
"It took me a long time to come up with a name I was happy with, after a few false starts I came up with From Little Seeds. I think it has a lot to with the optimistic hope that great things may come from small beginnings, you plant the seeds and see what happens."

What inspired your colorful animals? 
"I've always loved colour, fabrics and animals, I used to make handbags and while I really enjoyed it it wasn't quite right for me. I remember making my first owl, he was quite small (I had loads of little off cuts I didn't want to throw away), I named him Cedric and took him to the pub with me that night. I showed him to my friend and he bought him there and then, I was encouraged to make more. Since then they have evolved, some function as doorstops, some are now superheroes, I have a lot of fun making them and other creatures."

What is it that draws you to working with fabric? 
 "I love the variety, colours and textures, the tactility of working with my hands. There's nothing I like more than sitting in the middle of my piles of fabric, working out which ones will go together. My mum has always been into sewing as well, she would make a lot of my clothes when I was young, and she now makes beautiful patchwork quilts and cushions. I suppose being surrounded by this inspired me to have a go."

Do you feel your environment in Stokes Croft which is known for being a very unique and creative filled area to be inspiring? 
"I feel really lucky to have a space in Jamaica Street Studios in Stokes Croft. It's a very inspiring place to work. There is a huge variety of artists in one building, everyone is very friendly and helpful. My work has grown and changed a lot in the time I have been there and I think a lot of that has been helped by being surrounded by creative people at all stages in their careers. As for the actual area that is inspiring as well in many different ways, you never know what you will see from one day to the next!"

Are owls your favourite animal?
 "I absolutely love owls I think they are fascinating creatures, my Gran was a collector of all things owl related, I inherited my love of them from her. It all started with owls and now the menagerie has grown to include, cats, beavers, sausage dogs, unicorns, horses, foxes, I love working out the patterns for new creatures, I have a collection of wonky half finished ones that haven't quite worked out."

Where do you see your work or would like to see it in 5 years time?
"I'd love to really push my card designs and move into some merchandising, I like the idea of owl characters on tee-shirts, tea-towels mugs etc… Ideally I would love to have a small shop that would double up as my studio, I'd have a brilliant haberdashery and fabric section as well."

Do you have any advice for aspiring designers?  
"Have fun! Enjoy what you do, and don't give up. "

What do you think of From Little Seeds' creations? Is there any artists from the site you would like to see featured on the blog? 

Objets De Désir xoxo 

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