30 August 2013

Spotlight On...Rachel Loves Bob

You've more than likely seen Rachel Loves Bob jewellery on many of the wishlist wednesday posts (if not, then check them out: here, here and here) and now we bring you a small Q&A with the brand, enjoy! 

Where did the name Rachel Loves Bob come from? 
The name came about when my sister Rachel's beloved cat Bob died, hence rachel loves bob.

What made you want to design jewellery?
I taught Art & Design for many years and often taught some jewellery making modules with my students. Although teaching was a wonderful experience I just wanted to make my own work! I have always been creative and really enjoy the psychical aspect of making jewellery, as a craft there is always so much to learn and discover.

What is it that you like about creating geometric pieces?
I think my love of geometric forms is born out of my love for pattern and repetition, again that is most definitely a reflection of my time spent teaching textiles and surface pattern design.

What are your favourite qualities of the medium you use?
At the moment it's all about the metal! my new collection features mostly metal and I am really enjoying creating some lovely textures and effects with etching and stamping the metal as well as making some more three dimensional forms. Still lot's of geometric shapes!

Who would you most like to see your jewellery being worn by?
Oh everyone and anyone it is always so flattering to see someone wear something you have created. 

As you used to be an Art teacher do you have any advice for aspiring designers?
It took me along time to pursue the thing I loved and turn it into a viable business and what works for one person might not be applicable for someone else. My advice just keep creating even if it's one thing a month and don't give up, show your work to others, feedback is often the most valuable tool.

Hopefully now you have more insight into the brand Rachel Loves Bob! 
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