7 December 2013

Spotlight On...Pigeon Illustrations

This week we talk to Pigeon Illustrations, the creator of lovely (you guessed it) illustrations! She works in many mediums including collage, screen print and traditional drawing. 

Where did your artist name come from?
I somehow manage to pick up Pigeon or Pidge as a nickname in my teens, I have no idea where it came from. When I chose it as an artist alias, it seemed to fit. It didn't seem to allude to a male or female artist and it is a commonly present animal in most people's lives around the world.

How did you get into creating?
We've always been a creative family. My mum and grandma painted at home and we were allowed to make things and paint a lot - a privilege a lot of children don't get at home for fear of ruining the furnishings! 
We had a 'make it cupboard' full of toilet roll middles, cardboard, foil milk bottle tops and cardboard egg trays that we could dip into whenever we wanted to, to cut up and stick together. 
Naturally I went on to be creative from these beginnings, following art, design and textiles in school, through to college and finally at University, graduating with a degree in Illustration. 

What inspires your work?
I can get inspired by anything, usually nature and animals, history, pattern colour and other artists. I go to a lot of museums and galleries to top up on inspiration and my knowledge of the world.

Do you have a favourite piece?
It's hard to pick a favourite piece of mine because often with your own work you pick it apart as opposed to looking at it as a complete image. 
Saying that, I try to make work that I would like in my own home, so I have a lot of love for it.
I really like my Elephant Shrew. It's a very simple piece, but I've become protective of it since somebody thought it was nightmarish at an exhibition last year - probably not realising it's a real animal and thinking I'd conjured some deformed Bosh-like mouse from my imagination.

Where did you start working from?
Where do you work now?
I began really working hard on Illustration as a career in Uni, at my desk in the campus. But I've always worked best at my own desk at home, where I have all of my equipment at my disposal, I can listen to my own music and sing as loud as I like and drink as much tea as I can manage!

Does your environment influence you? 
Definitely. If I'm in an environment I'm not happy in, I find it hard to be creative.

So what do you think of Pigeon's work? We think it's lovely! You can find more of her work HERE and also come down to our pop up store to see it in person!! 

Objets De Désir xoxo

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