20 December 2013

Spotlight On...Mother Said (I Never Should)

This week we talk to jewellery designer Mother Said (I Never Should) whose work you can see here

Where did your artist name come from?
I've always loved anything 1950's (I'm a vintage girl at heart), and I particularly love the 1950's articles and books for girls which, have such lovely do's and don'ts (even though I rarely follow their advice). That coupled with the fact my mother is my leading supporter, inspiration...and even my conscience at times (although don't tell her that) just meant that it was the perfect  choice for a company name.

Describe your products and what makes them unique?
Well we are an independent jewellery boutique who create exquisitely unique, handcrafted jewellery with a twist. Each item is lovingly made from the recycled pieces from the historybooks, simply add a touch of whimsy, a dash of the mechanical, a spoonful of good humour and seal it with a stamp… and you have everything Mother would love.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced?
Every day brings new challenges, but I think the biggest challenge has been establishing the company during the recession and publicising the brand. It's a difficult time for small businesses particularly when so much of the market is flooded with mass produced goods but all the challenges have made us stronger and have made us more focused on making sure that our customers have an amazing product and experience when shopping with us.

Do you have a favourite piece? 
I know it sounds a little twee but I only sell items that I love and items that I will wear so it's really difficult to pick a favourite but if pushed, I'd have to say the Alice Statement Collars. I'm a girl who loves to make a statement so they are theperfect piece to brighten up any outfit and obviously we all like to imagine we're in Wonderland.

Who do you see owning your work?
The joy of my pieces are that they are unique so they appeal to a wide audience. I don't have a typical customer, but if you're a little quirky, love your literature, enjoy seeing pieces that embrace the past, have a whimsical nature and of course you need a great sense of humour - they are the pieces for you.

What inspires your work?
I find inspiration in everything whether it be in literature, when I'm out and about or when I found an odd object like a rusty old watch. I get an idea and I just have to make something ... sometimes it works and it's a new piece in the collections (after gaining mothers approval of course) other times it can be a disaster but it's always a fun process.

So now you know a little more about Mother Said (I Never Should)! Is there any particular artists from the site you'd like us to ask some questions? Let us know!

You can also find a great selection of Mother Said (I Never Should)'s work in our pop up store! We're open until (and on) Christmas Eve so come by and say hello!  

Objets De Désir xoxo 

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