13 December 2013

Spotlight On...Jessica Joy

 Hello! This week we talk to Jessica Joy! Jessica creates the most darling jewellery. (psst they make great stocking fillers...find her work HERE)

What is it that makes you work in that medium?                                    Knitting is an incredibly tactile and therapeutic process. I just love the rhythm of wrangling two needles and some yarn into a piece of fabric. I get a huge sense of satisfaction from making a practical, functional piece of clothing or accessories. It really focuses the mind too - I do my best thinking when I’m knitting. 

How long have you been doing this?                                                                            When did you decide you wanted to create? 
I taught myself to knit in 2009 using books, blog posts and youtube videos.  At first it was a way to relax after work but I quickly became fascinated by how things were constructed and the design process. I started selling my jewellery and designing knitting patterns in 2010.
How did you get into creating? I
’ve always been quite a creative person. My mum’s an artist, so I think I get it from her. We used to spend summer holidays painting, sketching and making. After university I felt this huge desire to start creating again and learn a traditional skill - so I taught myself to knit.
Who do you see owning your work? 
I have this picture in my mind of quite a quirky girl who has a bold, colourful sense of style. It’s basically Zooey Deschanel!

What inspires your work? 
I love to 'knit-watch' when i'm out and about and see what styles and colours people are wearing; it's great to spot hand-knitting every now and then too! I also find inspiration in old films and books.
Do you have a favourite piece? 
 I think my favourite piece that I’ve designed so far is a knitting pattern for a pair of super-squishy slipper socks. They’re so great to wear around the house when it’s chilly!

What do you think of Jessica Joy's jewellery? Is there any artists on the site you'd love us to interview? Let us know! 

Objets Dé Desir xoxo

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