20 October 2013

Spotlight On...Pousse Pousse Citron

This week we shine our spotlight on Pousse Pousse Citron, a brand that creates cute and quirky homeware that you can't find on the high street! However you can find her work over on our site! (Click HERE!)

The lovely lady behind Pousse Pousse Citron.

Describe your products and what makes them unique?

I would describe my products as home ware with a cute twist.  It was the lack of kitchen canisters on the high street that actually inspired me to make my own, most of the canisters were plain with typography rather than images. I think my product range offers a fun alternative to what is currently available. 

Where did your artist name come from?

I was struggling to think of names that didn’t sound generic or too obvious. It was actually my mum who came up with the idea to call the brand pousse pousse citron! We had been reminiscing about our holidays in France as children and this was one of our favourite ice creams, it simply means ‘push push lemon’ in French.

What inspires your work?

I am mainly inspired by Japanese designers with a mix of Swedish minimalism, I like the way they use block colour and keep things simple. I love the work of Ingela P Arrhenius, Marc Boutavant and Charley Harper, their illustrations are simple but detailed at the same time. I constantly have new ideas buzzing around in my head and I am influenced on a daily basis usually from looking through my instagram feed. 

Who do you see owning your work?

People who enjoy owning quirky homeware and like colour in their home. I like to think that as the designs are so different there is something for everyone.

Do you have a favourite piece?

I usually get really excited about the newest designs that I make so the cats are my favourite at the moment. I like the simplicity of their design and the ability to personalise them with the different coloured hearts.

So know you now a little more about Pousse Pousse Citron, what do you think of her designs? 
We would love to know which of our artists you would like us to feature! 
For those of you in Bristol you can also come and see Pousse Pousse Citron and many more of our artists work at the pop up shop! Hope to see you soon! 

Objets De Désir xoxo 

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