13 September 2013

Spotlight On...Gobblynne

This week we speak to the artist Gobblynne, she infuses photography, hand drawn and digital art to make beautiful pieces. 

What is it that you like about the medium you work in? 
"I love drawing! Well actually, I probably prefer the compositing side… Once I have a completed illustration I love nothing more than getting it into the computer and experimenting with colour, photographic effects, scans of materials and paint. I love to bring concepts to life - creating characters, enchanting worlds and magical creatures for TV, music videos, print or digital/viral work."
How long have you been doing this?
"I studied Graphic Design at University, specialising in animation. I've always loved drawing and have refined my style and skills in illustration and animation over the years. I finished University in 2005 and have been working freelance ever since."
Where did you artist name come from?
"Back in the day when we got our first home computer, mum asked me to create a hotmail account and choose a username. Katy Davis was gone. I liked mythical creatures, so I typed in "Goblin" and that was gone too. Grrrr. I was impatient and probably had my little brother pestering me to have his turn on the computer, so I just typed in "Gobblynne" and it worked. So that was that, I was Gobblynne from then on. Unfortunately there isn't a better story, and it seems that nobody can spell it right. I often receive emails starting with "Hi Lynne…" too! Oh dear. "
What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced?
"Finding a username for my hotmail account."
Do you have a favourite piece?

"From my illustrations, I have to say I'm very fond of "Silva". It's kind of a self portrait. "Silva" means 'forest trees' so I made a big friendly (?) monster in the woods that I'm walking past. My mum said that it represents me walking away from all my bad thoughts, and just out of shot is a comfy couch and a cup of tea, which I quite like."

"In terms of my animation, I am most proud of “Stay In My Memory” (Click HERE to watch.) which received 300,000 views in the first week of uploading onto YouTube which consequently helped the unsigned band rise to number 6 in the iTunes electro chart. This animation also garnered two “best animation” awards in film festivals. "

What do you think the future of digital and traditional art looks like? 
"I've had people ask me about whether old school hand-drawn illustration will die out because children are so used to seeing CGI and 3D these days. It is true that technology is ever-progressing but there will always be a place for mixed media "hands on" art. It is certainly still very popular and I think it's bursting with personality. I think styles will always vary but the basics will always stay the same. Technology will change, but will just aid us with techniques to make our original sketches come to life."

Who do you see owning your work?
"Everyone! Children, adults… anyone who likes to make their eyes happy."
What inspires your work?
"The busier I am, the more ideas I have, and the more I am inspired to create. Inspiration comes from absolutely anything - a funny overheard conversation to an old photograph… My dreams are pretty epic too, and I often wake up with an interesting idea to peruse. "

What do you think of Gobblynne's work? Is there any artists from the site you would like to know more about? Let us know! 

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