2 August 2013

Spotlight On... Sarah Breese

This weeks spotlight is on Sarah Breese, a new addition to the Objets De Désir site! Sarah creates gorgeous collage art pieces. 

The lovely Sarah.

When did you decide you wanted to create art for a living? 
"It was never really a conscious decision, but as I’ve gotten older the idea of being freelance and my own boss has appealed more and more. I currently work as a graphic designer for a hot air balloon company so I also have a guaranteed form of income along side my freelance work at evenings and weekends. "

What creative process do you go through to create you collages? 
"Sourcing materials is something I’m always doing; photographs from flea markets, old books and found objects such as jewellery.  I have boxes and boxes of things that I’ve collected over the years, some very personal to me and others just aesthetically pleasing. 
I then create the collages, either by hand or by scanning the materials in and manipulating them on the computer. At the moment I’m really interested in the relationship between the physical and the digital, and exploring that idea within my work. 

Where do you draw inspiration from?
"Mainly from the people around me. Anything from an overheard conversation, a found note or something a little closer to home.  I’ve also been really inspired by architecture recently, I like the clean definite lines and edges."

Why is collage your chosen medium? 
 "From the starting point of an old photograph, I build a new narrative around a person, place or event, displacing it from a rarefied and forgotten past, and giving it a new context in which to exist. I find collage is the best medium to do that, as it allows me to bridge the gap between art and life by using objects from the real world and creating a new existence for them. I also love the process of collage and print, and the ability to combine different disciplines. 

Where would you like to see your work in the future? 
"I hope the momentum I currently feel I have continues to build.  It’s a really exciting time for me as I currently have an endless amount of enthusiasm for what I’m doing. I hope it keeps growing at the speed it has so far"

Do you prefer digital or traditional collage techniques? 
"I can see the benefit of both. For the enjoyment factor, traditional definitely comes out on top. I love the finality of using scissors, and the process of physically constructing a piece of work out of scraps of the real world. In terms of touching up work then photoshop and illustrator are fantastic, and sometimes I create the collage digitally after scanning my photographs, notes and objects in. It very much depends on my mood and the piece I want to create. I’m doing a piece for the Green Man festival in a few weeks, it’ll be 8ft by 8ft and I’ve used digital images that I will be physically collaging, so that’s a really interesting change for me. "

Do you have a piece of advice for aspiring artists? 
"I think the most important thing is to try and keep your enthusiasm for your work alive. Even if you’re just doing a quick five-minute sketch, jotting some ideas down or wandering around a gallery; be creative every day!  "

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